Discipline works

11/15/18 12:30 AM

Proverbs 13.4
"The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”

The contrast between laziness and hard work is a recurring theme in the book of Proverbs. This is because it is a timeless reality throughout human history. Some people work hard, and some people don’t.

Solomon tells us that both the sluggard and the diligent have desires, but the cravings of the lazy go unfulfilled, whereas the desires of hard working people “are richly supplied.”

God has designed a universe where hard work works. Where disciplined effort produces good things. Where through his work ethic the diligent man separates himself from the mountain of average (Prov 22:29); becomes a leader (Prov 12:24); attains wealth (Prov 10:4); has many possessions (Prov 21:5).

Keep in mind that the success, achievement, and wealth referenced in Proverbs are not the goal. Those things are merely the outcome of diligent, skillful work. The diligent man, working hard each day, enjoys the productivity and prosperity that the lazy person desires but does not achieve.

Keep in mind that the lazy person knows that good things are achieved through diligent, skillful work. Unfortunately their work ethic is repressed by their laziness, and they deceive themselves into hoping to get good things even though they resist doing the work.

Most disturbing is that they are resentful when they don’t get what they want. They are caught in a self-defeating doom loop of wanting without working.

Proverbs 13.5-6
“The righteous hates falsehood, but the wicked brings shame and disgrace. Righteousness guards him whose way is blameless, but sin overthrows the wicked.”

Wise people are truth-tellers. They reject deception and falsehood. Foolish people are deceitful, and their lies eventually catch up with them and bring shame and disgrace.

Wise people are guarded and protected by their integrity. Because they seek to do what is right, and because they tell the truth, wise people don’t fall into the traps that ensnare foolish people.

Wicked people are “overthrown” by their sin. Their deceitfulness and disobedience make them vulnerable to all kinds of trouble. And what we said about laziness holds true for lying. Liars are fully aware they are not telling the truth; they are simply hoping to use deceit to get something they want. Their selfish desire is more important than telling the truth.

The path to success is clear: Work diligently, tell the truth, and live with integrity.

Tim Kight

Written by Tim Kight

Founder of Focus 3, Tim focuses on the critical factors that distinguish great organizations from average organizations. He delivers a powerful message on the mindset & skills at the heart of individual & organizational performance.

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